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Unlock your world with our easy-to-use, affordable keys. Experience the convenience and value that comes with our simple, cost-effective solutions.


You are searching for abundance of locks for safety. You want safety of your home from thief. You want safety of your children from poison and laundry. For happy life you have concerns with security measure. 

Call Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester Hills MI for everything in your home lockout. We have technical experts team for providing lockout services to our customer. We provide service with all types of locks on discounted price compare to other locksmiths. 

Your smile is valuable to us we don’t want you put into payment shock. Take your phone and call us for lockout services at 313-346-5775.

Homes Unlocked

Free secondary battery on Rochester Hills MI magnetic locks

magnetic lock

Hey! do you have high concern for your home, and office security. Demand Bery Jems Locksmith in Rochester Hills MI magnetic locks. Every magnetic lock has primary backup system. We provide free secondary batter for backup. 

If incase your magnetic battery primary battery down simply use the facility of secondary battery backup. It’s all about you. We provide high material different type advance magnetic locks facility in your home. 

We offer free secondary battery discount on limited stock. Simply take you phone and call us at 313-346-5775. Don’t miss the chance and get advantage.


At Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester Hills MI, recommend that you have your keys copied because it can prove to be handy in case of an emergency or if you wish to pass on a spare key to your kid. We are reachable at 313-346-5775 and can have your keys delivered to your doorstep.


The fast and easy solution to getting into your car is found at Bery Jems Locksmith Automotive Detroit. Our professional automotive lock picker has the tools and the dexterity to open a lock with out damaging the security.
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Bery Jems Locksmith Services offers a large variety of locks and can help design the protection for your home. A protection that will be reliable for years.
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Bery Jems Locksmith Commercial Detroit understands the risks that face business owners and all of us can offer a security that is suitable for any size business. At Bery Jems Locksmith Detroit, we have a wide variety of locks and keys that are available to any workplace at anytime.
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Deploy Rochester Hills MI locksmith locks for your home window gates

home window gates

Do you want to lock your home window gates? Then you must need window gates lock. Are you looking for high quality locks on reasonable prices? Don’t bother yourself in searching here and there. We are here to help you because your ease of life is our main concern. 

Just call Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester Hills MI at 313-346-5775 for help. We have reliable team of technical persons who will come and deploy locks in your home window gates. We bet our team of technical will not make cut off with your window gates edges.

Lost keys shouldn’t worry you because our locksmiths work evenings

Lost key in the morning but routine task need to be done today is also necessary. Don’t pass your whole day in stress because of non availability of locksmith in evening. 

Pass your whole day relax and confident around your job routine because the locksmith near me works evenings. We can understand your problems and therefore we can’t leave you in trouble. 

We waiting for your call in evenings and provide team with specialized tool for all type lock and unlock services. Also we will not leave you helpless just call us at 313-346-5775 and we will at your door.

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Broken keys in your car? Call Bery Jems Locksmith

Broken Car Key in ignition Separated from Key Fob.

Has it ever occurred to you that you when a key sticks into the lock and breaks it can be easily removed? Only experts can do this and if you happen to find yourself in this precarious situation, call Bery Jems Locksmith immediately. 

Why would you want to sleep in the cold? Is it just because you don’t know anyone who can help you remove broken keys from your door locks? Sometimes it is not just important to read about companies. It is also a wise idea to keep their contacts. 


They come in handy in times of emergency. We provide 24/7 emergency services to our clients and so it shouldn’t be difficult for us to reach your place. 

Have Your Vehicle Keys Made At Locksmith in Rochester MI – Even When You Have Lost All

Did you know that you can have your vehicle keys made – even when you have lost all of them? Bery Jems Locksmith in Rochester Hills MI can make car keys for almost any vehicle model in existence today. 

This includes transponder keys which have to be programmed into the automobile’s computer. Apart from that, we can make keys for majority of the latest car models that use “High Security” or “Laser Cut” keys. 

These require special equipment to cut because they are totally different from the standard vehicle keys. 

Since our professional technicians are always up-to-date with technology, you will obtain these services from us on the spot and at competitive prices. We are waiting for your call!

Don’t Be Stranded – At Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester MI We Work Weekends!

mobile locksmith

It is obvious that locksmith services are not required during the week days only. In our experience, we understand very well that anything can happen anytime without warning thereby calling for locksmithing services. 

That is why at Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester Hills MI we work weekends and even on holidays. Our professional team is always on standby to respond to calls from our clients from any location. So should you find yourself in a fix and you need locksmith services on a weekend? Do not hesitate to call us for expert and reliable services. 

Our professional team is always in step with the latest technological changes and is able to handle multifaceted security systems with relative ease. You will find our charges unbelievably affordable.

Trusted Locksmith in Rochester Hills MI

Just like other types of locks, padlocks come with hardened steel bodies that are laminated to make them withstand any kind of physical abuse in order to give you maximum security against burglary. Thus, padlocks play a vital role in our homes as they help to keep thieves at bay. 

These important security systems come in a wide range of forms and can be used variably. If you are looking for the best padlock for your sheds, basement storage units or residential gates, Bery Jems Locksmith Rochester MI has all these types. There is actually no better place to acquire brass padlocks from a reliable source than here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Locksmith in Rochester Hills MI

The cost of locksmith services can vary depending on factors such as the type of service required, the complexity of the job, and the time of day. Emergency services or after-hours calls may incur additional charges. It’s advisable to request a cost estimate from the locksmith before authorizing any work.

Many locksmiths provide services beyond regular business hours, including weekends and holidays. Emergency locksmiths are often available 24/7 to assist with lockouts and urgent situations. However, it’s essential to confirm the availability and any potential additional fees for after-hours services.

Yes, locksmiths are trained to handle lockout situations. Whether you’re locked out of your car, home, or office, a locksmith can use various techniques to gain access without causing damage to the locks or doors. It’s important to provide proof of ownership or residency to ensure the locksmith is assisting the rightful owner.

Many locksmiths offer security consultations to assess the safety of a home or business. During a consultation, a locksmith can provide recommendations for improving security, such as upgrading locks, installing security systems, or reinforcing doors and windows. This service is valuable for those looking to enhance the overall security of their property.

What Our Clients are Saying

3 reviews
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Pros who know what they're doing. My call was answered by someone who was knowledgeable about the topic. After they came, they fixed my ignition lock in less than an hour. I highly recommend them!
8 reviews
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I wanted to replace my patio door locks. Service was excellent, and the work was done to a high standard. The technician was incredibly friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable as well. I liked the way they worked.
10 reviews
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I called them to install a new lock on the back door, adjust the hinges, and lock both front and back doors. My experience with this locksmith was prompt, as I received each of my services within one hour. I would recommend this locksmith to others as they are highly skilled and efficient.
5 reviews
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Incredible locksmith! He arrived at my location very quickly, did the job in a very outstanding manner. Awesome pro locksmith!
2 reviews
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Wonderful & Prompt Service – The gentleman that came was quite professional and talented. I would strongly suggest them!
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