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You have invested a large amount of money into your automobile and it is important to invest into automotive physical security. Are you in need of a Bulldog, Viper, Clifford, Hornet, Avital, or Ready Remote Car Alarm? If so then look no further than Bery Jems Locksmith Car Detroit. There many types of brands on the market. The cheaper styles could easily be installed by an amateur but don’t offer the same protection. All of us at Bery Jems Locksmith Auto  Detroit MI recommend lettings a professional technician install a secure alarm that could easily save your car.

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Professional Automotive Lock Picker

The fast and easy solution to getting into your car is found at Bery Jems Locksmith Automotive Detroit. Our professional automotive lock picker has the tools and the dexterity to open a lock with out damaging the security. This is a talent that an amateur can’t offer. All of us at Bery Jems Locksmith are working around the clock to better serve convenience to you and your car. This is part of our emergency service and we can answer all calls within 15 minutes. We are committed to getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

A 24 Hour Emergency Automotive Locksmith in Detroit, MI

Bery Jems Locksmith Automotive in Detroit, MI can bring the quick fix to your motor vehicle. If you are the proud owner of a water craft, motorcycle, car, truck, or tractor then we can help you. We have a technician on the road that is skilled in ignition repair, lock repair, transponder reprogramming, and key duplication. This is the type of convenience at a price that you can enjoy. You will fall in love with our expertise and our prices. One phone call to our technicians is easier than relying on the dealership or auto mechanic.


Vehicle Console Vaults installed by a Locksmith in Detroit, MI

The best way to gain the extra security from simple thieves is by installing a vehicle console vault. They come in many shapes that are built specifically for certain models. If you make one simple phone call to our Detroit locksmith then we can easily place and secure a vault. This is the best way to keep valuables, documents, or a fire arm in your car. All of us highly recommend that a professional install a vault immediately. There is no reason to let your valuables in your car stay at risk.

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The Choice Locksmiths for Commercial Automobiles

Bery Jems Locksmith is a proud partner of Certified Car Locksmiths. All the members of CAL have access to the latest technologies for preventive measure from auto theft. CAL is the organization that has set the standard for quality in motor vehicle physical security. All of our technicians have gone through the brutal training and have passed the rigorous tests in order to help your automobile. Our technicians are the most professional and certified specialist working in the local area.

Vehicle Identification Number Etched into the Windshield

Most cars have a VIN. This can have them easily identified by police officers. Car thieves can easily scratch out a VIN from the dashboard and sell the car quickly to a chop shop. By having a professional locksmith from our team etch the VIN into the windshield you are lowering the value of your car on the black market. Car Thieves can’t scratch out a VIN in the windshield. This is a cheap and easy solution to saving your car from criminals. Call and get your VIN etched into your window by a professional locksmith urgently and save money on security.

A Car Locksmith in Detroit with the GPS Tracking Chips

Bery Jems Locksmith car Detroit can install a GPS that has been registered with the local authorities. These tracking devices have a very high success rate and can help lower the cost of automobile insurance. These are savings that we can pass onto the customer through a quality service. There has never been better reason to call because the money saved is greater than the cost of the service. This is the time to call and get what you need immediately.


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