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A lockout can happen in any form – be it a car lockout or a home lockout. But once such a situation happens, what is the first thing that you should do? Most of us would first attempt to solve the issue on our own. But in most cases it will result in more damage. Hence, such tough jobs are best left to the skill and talent of the Bery Jems Locksmith Flint MI. As someone who has practically solved various lockout scenarios, we know very well how to deal with your lockout. Our services are backed up by our money back guarantee which is a first in this business as no one else offers it.

Installing magnetic locks is no rocket science if you have locksmith in Flint MI on the job

The advent of magnet locks has ushered in an era of advanced home security solutions with almost everyone owning a home being interested in it. Since these are highly advanced locks, people with no prior experience of handling it are not advised to install them. Bery Jems Locksmith Detroit in Flint MI has a dedicated team of professional who have undergone special training to install magnetic locks and their service can give you the satisfaction of having invested your money in something worthy. These locks have their own battery backup so that they can function seamlessly even in case of power failure.

Locksmith Flint MI is the name you should trust for mounting Mobile home locks in your home

With the proliferation of smartphones, it was only a matter of time before they found their way into home security in the form of mobile home locks. These locks can communicate with your mobile phones and let you know if someone unauthorized is trying to enter your home by force. You can also monitor who comes in and goes out of your home. Bery Jems Locksmith Flint MI has managed to amass a great deal of knowledge about these locks and we would be the right persons to get in touch with if you are intent on getting mobile home locks.

Fix Padlocks to your door by hiring locksmiths who have knowledge about it

When compared to modern day locks, Padlocks for your home might seem like a weird choice because most of the people prefer not to use it due to its bulky size and weight. But if you ask any locksmith like Bery Jems Locksmith, we would beg to differ. Padlocks were the first form of locks to have been manufactured and they have stood the test of time and even extreme weather conditions. So by installing them in your home, you are only increasing your home’s security and not downgrading it.

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